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Smarte Werkstoffe für Smarte Implantate nutzen

Workshop 1 in der HPI D-School Potsdam am

16.10.2018 von 9-17 Uhr

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Formlose Anmeldung bis 15.09.2018 per Mail unter

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SAW Sensor & Actuator Symposium

October 1 – 2, 2018 at the Westin Bellevue Dresden, Dresden, Germany

Surface Acoustic Wave – SAW sensors are opening new options for industrial control and monitoring applications. The Symposium will build bridges between latest technological developments from science and industrial applications.


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Design Thinking - shaping the future of piezo technology

With the workshop "PIEZOCERAMIC INNOVATION - SMARTLY DONE" we started a new smart3- project called Smart Co-Creation. About 50 international participants from industry and research discussed with us about new production technologies for piezoceramic materials, open innovations and ways to open up new markets for piezoceramic solutions.

If you are interested to be directly involved into the devolopment of the design thinking methodology to support piezoceramic applications, please contact for further consideration.

Thank you for participation

We are looking back on three days of inspiring discussions and high-level lectures at the 7th International Symposium on Piezocomposite Applications ISPA in Dresden. Thank you very much for your participation and engagement as speaker, exhibitor as well as interested participant. You helped to create a stimulating atmosphere and to make ISPA to an excellent platform for knowledge exchange. Many thanks go to Smart Material and NASA Langley Research Center for their support! More than 65 participants and 7 exhibitors from 9 countries formed the ISPA 2017 community.

See you 2019 !

Program online

International Symposium on Piezocomposite Applications
Dresden 13.–15.9.2017

Innovative solutions related to piezoceramics in combination with various complimentary functional and structural materials and electronics 

Program details see:

Call for paper

3rd Seminar on Ferroic Functional Materials & 13th International Workshop on Direct and Inverse Problems in Piezoelectricity

October 4-6, 2017, University of Kassel, Germany

Deadline for submitting abstracts is JUNE 16, 2017



 offen bis 25. August 2017

Neue Ausschreibung im Themenfeld "Technik & Technologie"

Gemäß Vorstandsbeschluss vom 25. April 2017 startet das Netzwerks smart³ die fünfte Ausschreibungsrunde in Säule I "Technik & Technologie". Projektskizzen können ab sofort bis zum 25. August 2017 per E-Mail beim Projekthaus smart³ ( eingereicht werden. Weitere Informationen zur Ausschreibung finden Sie unter

30.5.2017 - 1.6.2017, 

Messe Sensor+Test, Nürnberg

Fraunhofer IKTS shows piezoelectric transducers based on piezoceramic pearls, fibers and screen printed thick films 

Visit us:  Halle 5, Stand 333


Homepage of sensor + test

2 nd of May

WINDFORCE 2017 – 13. WAB Offshore-wind energy conference

Continuous monitoring of welded joints and corrosion

One highlight will be the demonstration of the sensor ring, developed at Fraunhofer IKTS, on a pipe node. The measuring system for monitoring welded joints on cylindrical bodies works with special ultrasonic waves, which detect flank and binding errors. As the system remains permanently on the structure, cyclic safety tests are possible more quickly.

24. April 2017

Fraunhofer IKTS auf der Hannovermesse 


Das Fraunhofer IKTS zeigt industrielle Lösungen aus dem Bereich der Hochleistungskeramik – Basis für die kontinuierliche Verbesserung von Systemen sowie für völlig neue Anwendungen. Überzeugen Sie sich! Industrial Supply: Halle 6, Stand B25

03. April 2017

CeramTec übernimmt die

UK Electro-Ceramics Sparte

von Morgan Technical Ceramics


zum Symposium für Smarte Strukturen und Systeme – 4SMARTS 21. und 22. Juni 2017 in Braunschweig

Registration NOW OPEN

46th Annual Symposium of the Ultrasonic Industry Association

24-26 April 2017 Dresden, Germany

Call for Papers

International Symposium on Piezocomposite Applications
Dresden 13.–15.9.2017

Innovative solutions related to piezoceramics in combination with various complimentary functional and structural materials and electronics 

Submission of abstracts ends April 18, 2017

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Zukunftspotenziale von Hochleistungskeramiken
Fachexperten aus Industrie und Forschung haben die wichtigsten Zukunftsfelder für den Einsatz von Hochleistungskeramiken untersucht.


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